Funny story – 在Mila出生的幾分鐘,她在我身上爬,並試圖要自己喝母奶。


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我們現在已經14 個月了,我必須說我們都珍惜這個旅行。
雖然一帆風順 – 但並非總是那麼很容易。


剛開始母乳餵養時,我用過@medela_canada 的舊款羊脂膏,

現在我使用他們的新 Purelan 羊脂膏,緩解到非常乾燥的Alberta冬天。

我喜歡這款霜是多用途的,可用於 Mila 的乾燥斑塊、臉頰、我的手和乳頭。

我也非常注意Mila 身上使用的東西,這個不含香料、防腐劑和添加劑!
最棒的 – 不必擔心親餵之前擦掉它
護理 – 我說真的,媽媽有時間嗎?



圖文來源: Nikki’s Purelan Story

Funny story – within minutes of Mila being born she actually crawled up my body and tried to breastfeed on her own.

My midwife described this as the 'breast crawl' a natural reflex newborn babies have within the first hour of their life.

Andre was aaaamazed and still talks about it
today. Little Mila has literally loved
breastfeeding since the minute she entered the world 😅

#medealpartner #partner
We're 14 months in now and I have to say we have both cherished this journey.

And although it's been pretty smooth sailing – It hasn't always been easy for me.

She often cluster feeds when teething or going through a leap which can leave me feeling sore, dry, and overall uncomfortable.

Especially when she bites 😬.

l used @medela_canada's lanolin nipple cream in my early days of breastfeeding and am now using their new Purelan formula for some relief from our very dry Alberta winters.

I love that this cream is multi-purpose,use it on Mila's dry patches, her cheeks,my hands, & nipples.

I'm also prettyconscious of what I use on Mila so I soappreciate that this one is free offragrance, parabens, and additives!

Bonus – don't have to worry aboutwiping it off before

nursing – because I mean really, whatmama has time for that?

Now I'm curious to know, did any of
your babes do the 'breast crawl' right out the womb?!?